Narrative art tells a story. The stories I tell in my work revolve around the various interactions among and between humans, nature, and the unseen spiritual realm. There is an ongoing, eternal narrative taking place around us and my art shares just a tiny piece of the story.

In my portrait paintings and still art, I capture moments in time which showcase important junctions in the larger story of a person's life. These moments may be celebrated events like weddings or new babies, other times the story tells a quieter memoir of joy, hope, sorrow, or peace.


I've been creating art of varying styles since I was old enough to hold crayons. Then I went to art school at East Carolina University's School of Art & Design. There I gained understanding of many techniques and media, but it's really been my post-graduation experiences which have informed my style the most. My life has been unusually full of uncommon circumstances. These events include the early loss of my mother, various personal health battles, and the unexpected inheritance of a power supply manufacturing business. While my full-time career is now devoted to my manufacturing company, I still paint in my free-time. Check my portfolio page for latest additions.